Update 2: More Amazing Volunteers & Building Supplies

Love Story Detroit

Another great day working on the house!  It was a chilly day, but we made more headway and got a ton of debris cleared from the hallway, bathroom and stairs.  Our friend Jesse came and spent the entire day helping us.  Will’s dad, Tony, came out to take a look at things, and we met Tyree and his lovely wife Toy.  Tyree is highly skilled in all things construction and has generously volunteered his time to help us out with a bunch of stuff around the house.  Tyree and Toy went to Home Depot with Tiffany this afternoon to pick up materials for securing the property better.  More photos below:)

We are so encouraged and amazed by all of the people that have come forward to help with this – thank you all so much!

If you are currently without a roof over your head, or about to be, please…

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In 2000, Ray Lewandowski, Edward Richardson and Julian Sparks founded The Birthfathers’ Support Network (BFSN). BFSN was a non-profit organization created to assist fathers with family reunification. Its mission is “to provide educational, preventative and other related services to biological and non-biological fathers in an effort to create the nuclear family.” Today, through training and direct services, BFSN forum will assist fathers in becoming active partners in the nurturing, guidance and education of their children. The forum will also address issues of “child and domestic abuse, addiction, economic disadvantage and others that are obstacles to reunification.” The goal is to address the holistic needs of men who want to be involved in the raising of their children. In 2002 BFSN opened an office in the Bronx to provide direct services, walk-in and phone information, referrals to legal, housing and job placement services, and workshops on parenting, domestic awareness and anger management as well as GED/SAT class, HIV/AIDS related services and transitional housing services. Working with the Parents Advisory Board at Administration for Children Services (ACS), BFSN discussed strategies encouraging city agencies that deal with children to accept parent advocates as part of their staff and was successful in including a section on father’s rights in the ACS Parent Handbook. Other activities included taking children to visit their fathers in prison and advocating for family reunification workshops in men’s prisons.

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